Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alaknak stood strong through our first windstorm

We pretty good wind yesterday, the trees around us were cracking and crap was hitting our tent. After our sons nap we decided to go to town for a while, and give the wind time to die down. When we got back the wind had stopped and it was a mess of little branches on the road and around the tent. But our tent was standing.

This tent has kept every type of weather off of us. Wouldn't necessarily trust this in deep winter. That is what the TEMPER tent will be for. We are really liking the design of the TEMPER tent. We can make it as large as we need, since they are put together in sections.

Today is a busy day. Hope to get the vestibules for the front of the Alaknak from Cabelas, and looking at getting a good jogging strollers. The jogging stroller has to be one that can go over rough terrain without bouncing the boys all over the place.

Mac is keeping his eye out for a couple old RV water tanks for our water storage. A water trailer would be ideal but not in the plans right now.

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