Monday, March 9, 2009


It started snowing last night and dusted the ground, we woke up this morning to about an inch. We were lucky to get in a half a cord of wood before the temp dropped. We've been in the low 30 for about 3 days now. We are making it though. We got our wood stowed in a Wal Mart tent that a couple gave us when they left (had some damage from their kittens). Works great to keep our wood dry.

Mac got the generator going. The gas line had air in the carburetor. He had to run it half open on the choke all day for the air to work its way out. The generator powers the DVD player, laptop and a light. Next month we are getting a couple deep cycle gel batteries that the generator will charge. Then our stuff will plug into the batteries instead of the generator. Not that our generator is loud, you can't hear it until you are close to our site. The batteries will cut the run time on the generator down to 2 hours a day instead of all day.

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