Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doing Great

We got the bed off the ground and the kids is a crib. The weather is warming up so its not so bad when I wake up at night to stoke the fire.

This adventure is really coming together. Mac got the generator working. It needed an oil change. Mac had also figured out that the wire harness inside the generator vibrated loss when it was running so rough. Glad he got that going.

The Alaknak is working out rather well. Mac taped the top vents above the door. We uses the side vents daily to reduce condensation, which works.

We scored on a Coleman propanee stove, and to boot, it was on sale at Big 5. $100 stove for $69, not bad. We returned the one we had since our boy could turn on the gas. That and this one has a larger base so it can hold stock pots.

The boys just love the outdoors. Off to do laundry today.

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