Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Day

Well got word back today, our wood stove was approved by the fire marshal. So that worry is gone. Thank goodness because the weather is very cold now. We had snow and freezing temps for two nights now. We had to go out and buy wood. Wood gathering is only really worth it in the summer when it is hot and dry.

We are off to day to get our Ikea bed and toddler bed for the boys. I am confident that they can both sleep on the one bed together. They have been sleeping just fine on half of our bed together.

Our generator which we have used less then 30 hours is not working right. And to boot it is a $900 Honda with inverter. Need to replace spark plugs and change the oil, then after that Mac may get it in to be further serviced.

Off for now, busy day ahead.

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