Sunday, February 22, 2009

Really enjoying Ourselves

The McCord Holiday Camp is beautiful. We have really been able to relax here. We have ran into some snags though, such as they don't allow any wood fires only charcoal. We have are scurrying around that rule right now as that is our only real heat source. The head guy is looking into it. The official rule is no Open Fires, well ours is contained in a wood stove. Everyone should know to use cation when burning in the dry months of the year but it is raining, an open fire is not likely to burn down the forest.

Other than that this place is just great. Our tent is sitting on a large pad of moss. You can walk out the front or back door onto lush moss. I have photos I will be sharing in a bit.

Around the campground is a whole network of roads. I have started walking them daily. Very flat and level, and they boys will love walking it.

We have found out that our wood stove is two small to efficiently heat our larger tent. But since it is so close to spring and it is warming up we will just stick with this stove for now. Come winter we will need the size up in the cylinder stove series.

The robins are out already, which in Western Washington means spring is around the corner along with the rain.

Nothing more peaceful and surreal about waking up and looking out your door to the forest surrounded in a misty fog. Or laying in bed at night hearing the rain land on the roof over your head. We may leave like this forever; who knows.

Don't know how I could forget to mention this. lol Holiday FamCamp is located at the end of the runway. We hear the lovely sounds of jets taking off and landing day and night. Some days they are doing touch and go landing, which they then fly right over our camp. Boy the noise those big birds make. Took some getting used to, thankful the boys don't seem to mind.


  1. You are living my dream!! I want to come camp with you this summer :)

  2. I'm with Katie. I wanna go!

    Val (faithgoeson)