Sunday, February 1, 2009

Next leg of our journey almost done

We bought a 5x8 cargo trailer to haul all our camping gear, which we will be upgrading to a 6x12 for some head room inside (we are both tall). We decided on a cargo trailer over a utility trailer because our stuff would be protected from wind, rain and theft. In 2006 when we first did our major camping trip we had a utility trailer that had to have a tarp over it, we looked like a bunch of hillbillies pulling out of town. lol

This time we will have class. This is very important when you think about all the people that are looking to judge us for our choices. We want to stay blended in as much as possible, but yet skirt along the outside of the cage called society.

In a few days we are heading to Cabelas to get a bigger tent. In 2006 we had a 12x12 Alaknak but then it was just us two, now we are happily four. Something we have considered when looking at the Alaknak, is the 12x12 has roof window that we didn't really like. Sure you could see the stars but just hope it doesn't start raining while you are sleeping and the plastic cover is rolled up. You WILL be running outside to roll them down, before your bedding is soaked, though you will be by the time you are done. So we are moving up in size to the 12x20, which only has windows on the walls.

We are almost ready to start this journey, just need to get our stuff into our storage unit. When downsizing for the tent I often find myself wondering why we have so much stuff, and half of it is just plain junk. New family rule if you haven't touched it in a month - it's gone. Well unless its needed like radios, medical and such.

And to end our hectic day, we had some adorable bagers peek in our window. We had two raccoons looking in the window.

Well until later.

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