Sunday, February 8, 2009

A stop along the way.

Spokane stop almost done then we are on to Ellensburg, in one of the last stops before Ft. Lewis.

We figured out a way to take our queen mattress with us. We layed down a large tarp, set the mattress on that, then wrapped it like a package and laced up the tarp with rope, pulled it tight and knotted it. The mattress is now strapped down on top of the 5x8 trailer.

Our truck and cargo trailer all loaded and excited to leave Spokane Wa

We will defiantly have to upgrade to a 6x12 cargo trailer in a few months, with our stuff, camping stuff and our sons things the smaller trailer is packed. We kept asking our self what did we take that we could have left and you know there was not that much. When we first when camping in 2006 it was just us two so we didn't have much. But we can't leave our boys toys behind. That trike has to have a spot on the truck. We just have to figure out how the load will ride best. But in time we will master that.

You know we haven't really got that much flack for our choice. Actually how a lot of support from the ones that matter. We are tackling life head on with this way of life. In a house you don't live, you maintain.

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