Monday, February 9, 2009

What a day!

So we accomplished a lot and lost a lot all in one day. Where to start. Well we lost our kitty, more like set him free. Nemo has never like cars or traveling, he was not taking this trip good at all, he spend the whole time howling and clawing at the door. So at a rest stop in Tokio Wa we let him out and he ran. He had peed all over himself. Come to find out the owners of the gas station have a large shed just for cats. Tokio is surrounded by farm land and they love having stray cats, so they said they'd keep him and feed him. That was a great relief off of our shoulders. Wasn't a easy thing to do, Mac's had him for 5 years, but this is a life we choose, that Nemo would have never chosen. Nemo has always been a farm cat, since the morning Mac got his first mouse in his face. lol

Tokio Wa

Nothing but flat terrain for miles

So back on the road from there, we headed for stopped a rest stuff to make sandwiches and go potty. We met a really nice couple who was a long haul driver team. Nices couple. Travis loved seeing the inside of their rig. (very impressive by the way)

We were going to stop over for the night in Ellensburg but we went through about 6pm and we decided to try for Ft. Lewis.

Just out side of Seattle a lady was flashing her lights at us and she drove up beside us trying despratly to get our attention. We looked back and notice our queen mattress had come off. (on the freeway) I proceeded to freak out and Mac got us off the freeway and back to pick it up. Luckly it had parchutted in the far right lane. Our mattress came off from a failure of equipment.

We bought a set of two straps from Home Depot Saturday night and Mac noticed that one of them had a spot that looked like a thread was pulled tight, but we used it anyways (bad Idea - but we didn't know) We had it padded where it rested on the trailer. After we got the bed pulled off the freeway, we noticed that one of straps where in the road and Mac went on a search for the other one. It was about a 1/4 of a mile back. The one with the flaw is the one that snapped off. We got the bed onto the bed of the truck and strapped it down with one of the straps and one we were using for our bags. The strap that Mac had to walk to had been ran over a few times and was in bad shape. Home Depot is getting a visit tomorrow.

Can't forget to add the multiple times I had to re strap our son in while driving down the freeway. Gotta love it that 2 year old have no sense of danger. He was finally starting to understand that it was a major no-no after a few spankings.

Once back on the road we headed for Ft. Lewis and found out that the motel we were going to stay at charges way to much so we headed out to see the campground before hitting a motel in Tocoma. Luckly we found out that the campground has cabins. So, we are sitting in the most beautiful cabin on the lake. I will show photos of our trip in a few days.Peaceful Morning in Ft. Lewis

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