Friday, February 13, 2009

Pretty Eventful Week

We have had quite the time with the Cabela's Alaknak, We returned the 12x12 yesterday and bought the 12 x 20 Alaknak. After getting the 12 x 20 set up and a fire going it was still very cold. You see above each door they have a triangle screen for air flow, but that is still better than the water that pooled up in the corner of the 12 x 12. The triangle is so large that air flows in faster then the heat can push it out. It was a very cold night snuggled under the blankets. Thank goodness we can all share a queen bed. Mac is thinking of ways to block off some of that air flow. Tonight he is going to try to cover them up. We both like the size and eaze of setting it up. The 12 x 20 is the perfect size for a family of 4.

12 x 20 Alaknak

The alaknak is one of the easiest tents to set up. You first stake out the base and then put in the two center poles, next you put the side poles in, ground stakes and ropes. Tension that all up and you have a tent.

We also now have a kitchen that has a sink and three tables to prepare food. On each side there are shelves to put food.


Our boys are taking to this just great. Our oldest loves it.

After being here almost a week I remember the bone chill of this area. It may be 40 degress but that wind is very cold. Eastern Washington is diferent, it is a dry cold so it can feel warmer at 4o degrees. Arizona or New Mexico are sounding like paradise right now.

Our Hunter Wood stove by Cylinder Stove

We also have spent quite a bit of time at Cabela's. They didn't spare any expense with that store. There is an aquarium, animal displays, waterfalls and to boot, a plane. The store is two stories. It is an amazing store.

We have kind of been having a headache with Ft Lewis. The people are great but management is just about the money. They had on there website that they had tent sites and when we got here they said they no longer accomedated tenters, because they were trying to expand on the cabins. Well after much talk they allowed us to stay in one of the tent sites not touched by construction.

We find that to be quite a bummer. I'm not sure if a lot of people could afford to stay at a $60 cabin for 2 weeks.

Can't think of anything else at the moment, other than the fact that this country girl is wanting out of the city. Big city is way to much. lol I will have Mac do a review on the tent for me later when he has time. Later

Ft Lewis Wa Campground

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